APIs / Web Services

A Cuttlefish web site can be integrated fully into your preferred way of working and with any other software or systems you may wish to use. We have a great deal of experience implementing and utilising "Web Services" to integrate disparate systems for local authorities and businesses, from simple data feeds to full synchronisation of separate remote databases.

Our software includes built-in web service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which, if explicitly enabled, can be used to allow third-party developers access to your data to use in interesting ways.


Borough councils use many differing proprietary systems to track planning applications within their administration. We have created a web service (initially for Leicestershire County Council and the local boroughs) which provides a standardised, aggregated database of planning applications across all boroughs. Separate web sites can then take feeds or perform searches on the database using a simple API.

Our implementation of David Wilson Homes' web site involved synchronisation with their in-house CRM and sales database, so that property details and availabilities were automatically kept up-to-date online without requiring user intervention or administration.

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