Social Media

Cuttlefish has a long and strong track record in social media. Combined with our passion for cutting edge technology this gives our clients a clear advantage when it comes to connecting with their users. Our Content Management System has a wide range of tools to make your site more sociable! 

Our cSocial platform can be seen as a customisable "social network in a box", and provides robust and full-featured foundations for a new social network.


  • Nintendo Life is an online community featuring gaming news, reviews, forums, and more. As one of the most popular sites of its genre receiving in the region of 25,000 unique visitors a day, it's a great example of the scalability and robustness of our platform. [Read more]
  • We started the Pineapster music community in 2001 and it has remained a very active and productive force in the Leicester music scene ever since. [Read more]
  • Get Revising is an award-nominated student community site created to involve students of all ages actively in their own revision. [Read more]
  • is a subscription-based social network for medical professionals featuring a large range of cutting edge tools. [Read more]

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