QR Codes

A QR code, such as the one above, is a type of barcode that can be read by most camera phones. They are normally used to store web addresses, but can also hold contact details, telephone numbers and other forms of data.

When you take a photograph of a QR code using a QR reader program on your camera phone the web address will be extracted and the web page it points to will be automatically opened. Many QR readers programs are available for free (and there are some pay-for ones with extra features) and most types of camera phone are supported.

Cuttlefish has begun to use QR codes extensively to provide "real world" links to the websites we produce. Our clients often use them to link to videos, audio, text and images on their sites. We encourage people to print them in magazines, place them on signs, add them business cards, or even print them on t-shirts! Part of our service is to offer a clear strategy for their use and generation.

You may find that your camera phone already has a barcode reader that supports QR codes. If not, Cuttlefish's Empedia and One Leicester iPhone Apps contain built-in QR readers. If you are not an iPhone user then programs for other types of camera phone we recommend include:

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