Limbo presents and delivers live digital drawings by the artist Simon Faithfull.

Wandering the world over the last 10 years, Faithfull has made hundreds of digital drawings using a Palm Pilot or iPhone that record his presence in a particular place, at a particular moment, somewhere on the surface of the planet. To date, over 500 observational sketches record what he saw in each of these places, from the streets of east London to the remote landscape of Antarctica and back again.

Limbo gives you access to all of these images, and sends you new drawings the moment that they are made.

As well as receiving these instantly available drawings, you can find out how close you are to the latest one made, find exact locations of collections in the series and search the back-catalogue by place, date or subject, exploring the personal atlas of the world which Faithfull has created.

Follow Limbo on Facebook or Twitter, from your desktop or your iPhone, to see where Faithfull goes next, and what he chooses to draw there.

Telephone: 01509 231 233