Leicestershire County Council

Leicestershire County Council (originally through the Leicestershire Rural Partnership) was one of our first clients. Since 2002 the relationship has seen the development of a number of department and community-oriented websites for the people of Leicestershire.

The community websites include Leicestershire Villages, giving every village in Leicestershire and online community presence and Leicestershire Parish Councils, a site providing every parish council in Leicestershire their own website.

We‘ve also worked with Leicestershire County Council to produce The Jitty, a website for young people in the county; Leicestershire Community Forums, a site representing all the area and community forums across the county and LSR-Online a research and statistics portal.

More recently we have worked with the Leicestershire Waste Partnership to produce the popular and successful Freeuse LeicesterShire site which allows members of the public to “freeuse" unwanted items in an on-going effort to reduce landfill. We are currently developing an accompanying iPhone App for the Freeuse website along with a new design for the Leicestershire Rural Partnership.

All of the sites make use of the ‘Leicestershire cPortals‘ open source CMS. This was developed by Cuttlefish for the Council with the specific goal of making the construction of self-managed community sites faster and easier.

Sites we've built for Leicestershire County Council

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