The goLeicestershire iPhone app will take you back in time to discover Leicester‘s fascinating History & Heritage.

Leicester is well renowned as an important Roman settlement, evidence of this can be seen at Jewry Wall Museum. The Museum‘s grounds contain one of Leicester‘s most famous landmarks - the Jewry Wall.

Part of the Roman town‘s public baths are thought to be one of the tallest surviving pieces of Roman masonry in the country. View interesting collections including mosaics, paintings and Roman cavalry pieces. Not only can you find out Roman facts, but you can also find out about the people of Leicester through the ages - from Prehistoric to Medieval times.

Use the interactive map to explore Leicester‘s Old Town, also known as Castle Park, where you will find fascinating historical buildings.
Visit the 600 year old Guildhall - a former meeting place for the Guild of Corpus Christi - plus St Nicholas Church - and find out its varied uses and history throughout the ages.

Leicester‘s Old Town is also home to many religious buildings such as St Mary de Castro Church, St Nicholas Church and the Medieval Leicester Cathedral. You can also visit the Guru Nanak Sikh Museum and the Jain Centre - a Hindu temple with marble shrines and mirror tiled walls.

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