Design & Build

There's more to good web design than meets the eye. A pretty site isn't doing its job properly if it's difficult to use, which is why Cuttlefish takes an holistic approach to design.

Our experienced designers can base the look and feel of your site on existing branding, or if you have a blank canvas we can work with you to develop an appropriate visual identity for your online presence.

It's about your users

Happy Users = Happy Site = Happy Client. This simple equation is at the heart of what we do. Through best practice, behavioural analysis, and rigorous usability testing, we will ensure that your site is a joy to use as well as looking great!


We will ensure that the site works well on all major browsers and devices - we have an intimate knowledge of the capabilities and quirks of each. We employ a technique known as progressive enhancement which layers technologies in such a way that even the oldest browsers on slow connections can easily read the content of the site, with progressively richer user experience the more modern the browser (or device) is.

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No design is set in stone, and should be regularly reappraised to ensure it's continuing to do the job it should. We will frequently analyse your site's usage patterns and proactively recommend any changes that we think would benefit your visitors.

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