Content Management

Our unique Content Management System (CMS) gives you as much or as little control as you like. From simply uploading pictures to a gallery, through updating a blog or news listing, to editing absolutely any part of the site and its structure, we can tailor the tools to your specific needs. We can even provide content management services so you can hand everything off to us if you'd prefer not to maintain the site yourself.

big features, small learning curve

Our aim is to make content management so easy that you only have to think about the content, not the management. But when advanced features and tools are required, they're always available at the flick of a switch.

See our full feature list for all the details. We are proud of the power and flexibility our tools, but it's always possible there's something you need that it doesn't already do. This is absolutely no problem as it's straightforward for us to add new modules, and we'd be happy to build it into your project plan.

Web standards

Our CMS positively encourages the production of accessible content based on international standards. We'll also provide advice and training on how to write and maintain quality content that is useful to all.

All pages comply with the W3C's XHTML web standards and the Web Accessibility Initiative's guidelines.

Telephone: 01509 231 233