An accessible website is one that works well across different browsing devices and can be used by people with differing abilities. It is important to get right, and in many cases can be legal a requirement for your business.

Accessibility is at the heart of good web design and is entrenched in the way Cuttlefish work. We know the various accessibility guidelines inside-out and can ensure that your website is fully compliant at launch, and that it remains so throughout its lifetime.

Our Content Management System encourages best practice and can be configured so that all pages are fully compliant with strict international and e-Government standards.

We can also provide training and consultancy on how to produce accessible content for the web, a topic which dovetails neatly with SEO and the production of quality content in general.


Our web site for the RNIB College meets exacting accessibility standards as well as being visually appealing. It demonstrates many of the built-in accessibility features of our content management tools.

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